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Antiques Roadshow Host – Mark L. Walberg

Antiques Roadshow Host

Mark Walberg is the renowed host of PBS’ hit series the Antiques Roadshow. Sometimes confused with Actor Mark Wahlberg, but there is no relation. They even spell their names differently!

Mark Walberg was born August 31, 1962 in Florence South Carolina. He started his career as an assistant at Dick Clark productions. From there, he went on to host a sports show on ESPN, which led to the Mark Walberg Show.

Since then, he’s been featured on shows like The Weakest Link, The Mansion and House Rules, Test the Nation and Russian Roulette. He also regularly plays on the World Poker Tour.

So what made him interested in antiques?

Walberg admits to being a long time antiques fan before starting to host the show. His enthusiasm certainly shows on his weekly trips to local museums or collectors. He has definitely brings a wonderful energy and spark to the show.

A history of the antiques roadshow:

The antiques roadshow was actually started in Britain by the BBC in 1977. It wasn’t until 1997 that this fabulous show came to America.

The American version has been hosted by Chris Jussel (1997–2000), Dan Elias(2001–2003), Lara Spencer (2004–2005), and is currently hosted by the blue eyed Mark L Walberg. (2005–).

Did you know…

That CollectiblesCornerTV is often referred to as the Antiques Roadshow of the web?

President of, Lou Kahn, with Mark L Walberg