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7 Ways to convince people you’re an expert even your mother should know!

Okay, so maybe Mom won’t know all of this, but it really is pretty simple, and you don’t need a huge command of the internet to make it happen. Since my last post was pretty popular, I thought I’d stick with the list of 7 :-)

1. Provide free information. I know, it’s tough to think it’s okay to provide something for free when everyones dying to turn a profit, but it really does so much good. I mean, you’re reading this for free, right? And I bet you are kinda happy with me for giving it to you for free. And i bet, if I was selling something you wanted you’d probably buy it from me because I’m so nice for giving it to you. :-) Whatever your niche, there’s something you know that someone else doesn’t. It can be an article on your web site or blog. On my site,, we have a backstamp dating section where people can figure out the year of the stamp on the back of their figurine. We have been consigned countless collections for this reason. Wikipedia even linked to us at a point (wiki is funny about commercial web sites).

2. Have multiple sites all pointing back to you. This is what I call the ‘pincer move.’ If someone types into google and they find one site, and they see it’s you, then they find another, and its you… and then, if you’re ambitious they find a third, and its you, they are going to go with you. You’ve become omnipresent. You are THE only one in the field, apparently. This works really work in conjunction with video, which brings me to number 3.

3. Have a video. I said it in my google adsense post and I’ll say it again because it’s that important. Nothing does the pincer move more than having a multimedia approach. You’re showing up in articles, sites, and video? How could anyone not go with you - You’re everywhere! I can help you with this - (and since I’m providing all this free information aren’t you happy to check out my site? Kudos to way #1!). By the way, if you sell on eBay you can have great success with short videos in your listings. There are rules about this. Please contact me at the aforementioned link if you have any questions!

4. Lose the Fear. I know, you’re thinking… me? an expert? But you must lose the fear and believe in yourself if you want other people to believe in you. And all being an ‘expert’ means is that you know more than most about a particular topic. Two examples… I wrote a price guide for M.I. Hummel figurines because I was tired of the over-inflated price guides that were out there. At first I was petrified - I mean, who am I to publish something in a field that is riddled with ‘experts.’ But I published it, and I sold my first book, and then a second. I did a price guide for Royal Doultons, Co-Boy Gnomes, and Hummels. I have sold over 100 since publishing in December and I have only had two people ask for their money back. I was so scared someone was going to call me out and make me feel like I was in over my head, but they didn’t, because the truth is I know more than most people about the subjects I wrote about. Same with This is a new project for me, and I was very scared that artsy video people would be on my case for not being “MGM” enough. I find that my honesty really helps me here. “Hey, I’m not MGM, but I’m going to put together a video campaign for $500 for you that will get you tons more traffic and will cost less than what you spend in a month on adwords.” People are receptive to that kind of honesty, and will still consider me an expert even if I won’t give Spielberg a run for his money ;-).

5. Criticism just means it’s working. Will there be jerks out there who want to tear you down, regardless? Hell yes. There are people in this world that live to criticize. But here’s the secret - they’re usually too scared to try things themselves so they spend their time telling you how much better they could do it if they ‘cared to give it a try.’ Don’t even get me started on how annoying I find those people, but, bottom line - they are never going to give it a try. Exploit this. You are a do-er. They are a complainer. Just keep doing and ignore them. Plus, negative publicity is still publicity. If you are responding to them in a blog or a linkedin group, do your best to take the high road and nicely explain that you are going to continue with what you do because you believe in what you’re doing.

6. Stay Ahead of the Competition. There are tools out there like Google Alerts and Filtrbox. Both are free and will let you save searches for specific phrases (put them in quotations or you’ll get a lot more mail than you bargained for!). This helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your industry.

7. Keep it specific to start, expand later. What I mean by this is start with something small…. I started with Hummels, then I launched which broadened my expertise to the broader world of collectibles, from I’ve leveraged my video and marketing skills to launch, etc. So start small, build a base, and then keep growing!

I get asked this a lot so I thought I’d address it here:
Feel free to use this information on your own sites, but please keep all my links intact and link back to this original post:

Some of my favorite marketing gurus are Barry and Dean: BuzzProfits :-)

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Okay, so maybe Mom won’t know all of this, but it really is pretty simple, and you don’t need a huge command of the internet to make it happen. Since my last post was pretty popular, I thought I’d stick with the list of 7
1. Provide free information. I know, it’s tough to [...]


25 Responses to “7 Ways to convince people you’re an expert even your mother should know!”

  1. Some good advice there, Tammy.

    One thing I would expand on however is with Point 2 “Have multiple sites all pointing back to you.”…

    It’s worth noting that from an SEO perspective these sites count for far more [in the search engines' eyes'] if they are hosted on different IPs. You can get benefit as you suggest with multiple sites on the same IP, but if you put those same sites on different IPs then the perceived additional backlink quality will help with your organic ranking too.

    If anybody wants to know more about SEO, please see my website here

    We can also provide cheap but reliable hosting for that extra website :)


  2. Ian Cook says:

    I read a great line somewhere a few years ago which said:

    ” An expert is someone who has made all the mistakes and learned from them”

    Add this to your magnificent 7!

    we have written a number of articles relating to this point, a recent one was “good at social media, but not experts!” i’d be interested to read your thoughts on our thoughts!

    Ian Cook

  3. Nice post, I like the thinking.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Andrew!
    Yes, i agree if you could host them on different ISPs it does do more for SEO, but in terms of just having a presence for certain keywords it can be very powerful just to have a bunch of sites. I’ve had people submit questions on one site, and then a few days later on the other. When they find out i’m the same person they are very likely to go with me b/c i’m everywhere :)

  5. Hi Tammy,

    I absolutely agree, there is no substitute for ‘owning the front page’ (or whatever) for a given keyword. If you can ‘own’ 5 of the top 10 search results through one means or another then, as you say, it’s highly like that the reader will perceive your authority on the subject and want to talk with you.


  6. I saw the link to your newest post on linked-in, but I also saw the title of this blog post in description and the title was so interesting I had to Google this article and find it :)

    I read it, dugg it and liked it! Keep up the good work!

  7. admin says:

    Thanks Toni!!

  8. David says:

    Hope you won’t consider me a jerk because I disagree with your comment about criticism. My perspective is that I know I’ve found an expert when he/she SEEKS feedback, specially criticism. Some people can be jerks, I agree, but it’s because of the way they present the negative feedback. Not because they criticize you. An expert has the confidence to know that he/she doesn’t know everything, that that is okay, and that he/she can decide which feedback is useful without curling up in a shell and ignoring it all.

  9. admin says:

    Fair point :)


  10. admin says:

    You’re welcome cheapacomplia!

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  16. 7 Ways to convince people you’re an expert even your mother should know! | Collectibles Corner TV

  17. 7 Ways to convince people you’re an expert even your mother should know! | Collectibles Corner TV

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